Video shot during London terror attack shows terrified people hiding in bar bathroom

Gripping video has surfaced of horrified pub patrons seeking a safe haven in a bathroom during the London Bridge terror attacks Saturday night.

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"The police said wait here until they come and get us," one person says in the video.

The footage also shows a frightened woman whose labored breathing quickly turns to tears.

A few still have drinks in their hands as some men put their ears to the door to hear what's happening outside.

In another video that recently surfaced online, a London cop in the basement of another bar admonishes dozens of patrons found cowering in fear.

"We are chasing victims around London who want to kill people," he says. "They are going into buildings looking for people. Ok? You are all clumped together in a place with no exit route. Ok? You are victims waiting to happen! Get your stuff, and get out of the danger zone! Now!"

The three terrorists responsible were gunned down by police Saturday night and have all been identified.

The ringleader is believed to be 27-year-old Khuram Butt.

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Newspapers in America and Britain are asking how authorities could have let him slip out of their hands.

He appeared in a TV show about Islamic extremists called The Jihadis Next Door.

Incredibly, even after the documentary aired on national TV, he was hired to work in the London subway system — The Underground — where he had access to the tunnels underneath the British parliament.

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