Statue of first lady Melania Trump raises eyebrows

A new statue of the first lady of the United States has some scratching their heads, wondering, "Who is that?"

It's supposed to be first lady Melania Trump, but not everyone sees the resemblance.

A Bosnian sculptor named Stevo Selak is responsible for the work of art.

He told the Daily Express he put a lot of work into, even consulting hairstylists to make her look as authentic as possible.

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It's drawn comparisons to the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, which set social media users ablaze with criticism earlier this year for its "less-than-stellar resemblance" to the soccer super star.

Selak told the Mirror that he's gotten praise locally for the artwork.

See the statues:

"I did Melania in her measures 90-60-90," he said. "People say I really got her characteristics with this sculpture."

"Real life Melania is elegant, while my sculpture of gypsum and iron weighs around 300 kilograms," he added.

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Selak sculpted President Donald Trump as well, raising eyebrows for a different reason. His depiction of Trump shows him resting a hand on Russian leader Vladimir Putin's shoulder.

"It is also more demanding to make a monument of Melania than Donald or other men, because women have more curves," Selak added.

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