NYC subway riders stuck for an hour without lights or air conditioning

On Monday, New York City riders on the F train were in for a nightmare during their commute home.

According to the New York Post, subway riders became stuck at the Broadway-Lafayette station around 6 p.m. -- and ended up being stuck an hour. Not only was the train car stuck, but there were no lights or air conditioning.

Some residents took to social media to document what happened. Michael Sciaraffo wrote a detailed Facebook post about the incident:

According to Sciaraffo's account, the train abruptly stopped at a tunnel and the lights went out -- the train already didn't have air conditioning. Passengers were told it was "train traffic," but they ended up being stuck much longer than usual.

"Then after about 30 minutes of heightened anxiety, they told us the truth," Sciaraffo said. "We had experienced a severe maintenance malfunction and the train was unable to move."

Another train had to slowly push Sciaraffo's car to the next station. When they arrived, they were greeted by a platform filled with people wanting to get on the train.

The passengers had to wait ten more minutes to be freed from the car. Some tried to pry the doors open, making it look like a zombie horror movie:

"Spent two hours stuck on the F train," rider Samantha Mushnick said on Twitter. "An hour this morning and an hour tonight. So hot we could write on the windows. Awful."

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