Reince Priebus' job security comes from few wanting his job: report

For some time, there have been rumblings about the fragile state of Reince Priebus' employment as President Trump's chief of staff and a new report sheds light on why Priebus' job may be safe.

According to insiders who spoke with Politico, right now the majority of the chief of staff's job security apparently comes from the fact that few people are willing to take over his post.

However, a friend of President Trump told POLITICO that it's not a matter of if but when Pribus will be replaced. "It's basically decided that Reince is gone. It's just a matter of who replaces him and when."

Two names that have been floated around as possible replacements are adviser Gary Cohn and GOP lobbyist David Urban.

Urban is reportedly viewed as a Trump loyalist who also played a key role in delivering Pennsylvania for the Trump campaign in 2016.

Cohn on the other hand would likely request certain assurances from Trump before coming on as the new chief of staff job, including "the promise of real authority to control access to the president and set the policy and messaging agenda for the White House," according to POLITICO.

Other reports from inside the Trump administration have suggested an atmosphere of chaos and aggression, with top aides pitting against one another in an effort to gain the president's ear and his favor.

There have also been rumblings that many staffers ignore protocols regarding the chain of information, sidestepping Priebus and approaching the president directly.

Some insiders note that, despite the breakdown in proper channels and general operating procedures, Priebus has far from given in.

According to POLITICO, Priebus' dogged determination has not necessarily earned him wide-sweeping favor.

One senior staffer told Politico, "You'd think he'd just...see the writing on the wall and leave. It's gotten embarrassing."