Report about first lady Melania Trump banning Monsanto products from her home debunked as fake news

A report about Melania Trump banning a company's food products from her home because of genetic modifications has been deemed false by the website Snopes which sets out to debunk myths and rumors.

Websites first began posting reports about the first lady banning all food products that contained ingredients associated with Monsanto in late May.

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The original source for this claim was identified as a site called which quotes Melania Trump expressing concern for her son, saying, "Barron's health has improved out of sight since we started eating organic, non-genetically modified food."

The piece goes on to say, "In the interests of her son Barron's health – as well as her own – Melania decided to eliminate processed foods containing GM crops from her family home."

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However, Snopes has determined that the claim is officially "fake news" and that many of the quotes have, in fact, been traced to a 2010 article in Yes! Magazine where the writer, April Dávila, tried to temporarily eliminate Monsanto products from her family's diet. has previously been identified as a fake news source by major outlets like CBS News and the U.K. newspaper The Times.

Stories on the site that have been proven to be false include one linking Hillary Clinton to a D.C.-area child-sex ring and another about the Queen's possible abdication over Brexit.

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