Police: Man murdered childhood friend, immediately fell asleep

An Illinois man allegedly murdered his friend then promptly fell asleep next to his body with a bottle of bleach, Cook County police say.

Jeffrey Ziolo, 35, reportedly invited Craig Grzesiakowski, also 35, to his home on Wednesday. They had been friends since elementary school.

A friend who was also invited to Ziolo's home that night said he saw Ziolo and Grzesiakowski arguing just before he went to bed, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The friend awoke to find Ziolo's dead body, which had been stabbed several times. Nearby he found Grzesiakowski asleep on the floor with a bottle of bleach.

Des Plaines Police Chief William Kushner said authorities determined that Grzesiakowski stabbed his friend with a screwdriver.

Grzesiakowski confessed to the murder after police hospitalized him. He said he fought with Ziolo the night before, eventually pushing him over a table and stabbing him multiple times.

The Chicago Tribune reports the victim died from blunt-force trauma and stab wounds.

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