Internet reacts after CNN calls Ivanka Trump 'America’s most powerful Jewish woman'

CNN is facing considerable backlash after calling Ivanka Trump "America's most powerful Jewish woman."

The recently published piece began by describing her solemn visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, stating, "Her visit was striking for two reasons. It was a rare moment in which the First Daughter's carefully guarded faith was on public display. And it underscored the unique role she plays in an administration that has faced criticism for not confronting anti-Semitism."

The story goes on to say that "Ivanka is arguably the most powerful Jewish woman in America today, someone who has long had a special influence on her father (though doesn't always win him over) and is now settling in as an unpaid adviser to the President."

She converted to Judaism before marrying her husband Jared Kushner in 2009.

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The online response to the CNN piece has been strong; many have pointed out that there are far more powerful Jewish women in America than the first daughter, notes the Huffington Post.

Among the frequently mentioned names were two Supreme Court justices, with one person tweeting, "Pretty sure both Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Elena Kagan have a vastly greater impact on the country than the face of a middlebrow lifestyle brand."

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve chairwoman was also a top contender for the title, with someone else writing, "Fact check: Janet Yellen is far more powerful but people don't know this because she has a nerd job that takes lots of effort to understand."

In fact, Steve Goldstein with MarketWatch, stated in an op-ed, "Yellen can, on certain days, be considered the most powerful person, male or female, Jewish or gentile, in the entire world."

In addition to Ginsberg and Kagan, he mentioned Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.