CNN blasts Donald Trump Jr. for sharing a false story about a staged protest


CNN has blasted Donald Trump Jr. for sharing a disputed online report which claims that the news network staged a scene with protesters in London after the recent terror attack.

On Monday, CNN Communications tweeted in response to Trump's post, "This is absolute nonsense. You are misleading your followers. CNN didn't stage a demonstration. Those are the facts."

Earlier that day, the president's son had posted about a linked article from a right-leaning news outlet which claimed that a video released over the weekend after the London attacks showed a CNN crew "staging a scene with Muslims holding signs saying 'ISIS Will Lose.'"

The site also includes a video which it alleges shows this so-called "photo-op" being arranged by reporters.

Trump Jr. shared the story and took the opportunity to criticize CNN, writing, "Not at all surprising at this point. They create the narrative they want to push & sell it at all costs. #fakenews."

CNN Public Relations repeatedly responded to the news on Twitter, calling it nonsense.

"This is nonsense. Police let demonstrators through the cordon to show their signs. CNN along with other media simply filmed them doing so."

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter said in a series of messages that "far-right twitterers are misleading folks about this video."

After summarizing CNN's explanation, he also said multiple outlets including "CNN, BBC, AP 'simply filmed them doing so.'"