Adorable dachshund rescued from tree stump by authorities

Firefighters sometimes get calls to rescue cats from trees. That's why they probably thought it was weird to hear barking instead of meowing when responding to a call in Kentucky.

It was to help a little dachshund later identified as "Rocco."

Two office duty Kentucky State Troopers were mowing a nearby cemetery lawn when they heard barking coming from the woods and found Rocco.

He had gotten stuck in a tree after diving into a groundhog hole and not being able to get out.

The cops couldn't free him, so they called in backup from the Salem Fire Department.

A firefighter busted out the chainsaw and cut an opening in the tree so that little Rocco could get out safely and be returned to his owner.

Now the hole is much larger to prevent other dogs from getting stuck.

They say it's cats who have nine lives and, if the same is true for dogs, luckily little Rocco has eight left.

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