Antarctic ice shelf crack grows 11 miles and will create one of the largest icebergs ever

A fast moving crack in an ice shelf in Antarctica could create one of the largest icebergs ever recorded.

The British Antarctic research group Project MIDAS says the monster crack in the Larsen C ice shelf has grown by 11 miles in just 6 days and is only 8 miles away from completely breaking through to the ice front.

They say the iceberg will be roughly the size of Delaware and "...will fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula."

Because the ice is already floating, the new iceberg won't add to any rise in sea level.

However, when these ice shelves disappear, Project MIDAS says " can flow faster from the land to the ocean and contribute more quickly to sea-level rise."

They also say that there is no evidence suggesting the climate change is responsible for the crack.

That said, Climate Central reports that global warming has increased the temperature in the region by 5 degrees since the 1950's.

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