Police officer rescues tiny baby deer from storm drain

Oh deer, oh deer.

When a tiny fawn in New Jersey got itself stuck in a storm drain, everyone at the Woodbridge Police Department knew there was only one man for the job -- Officer Timothy Majek, who they fondly refer to as the "deer whisperer."

When Majek arrived at the scene, he found the baby deer anxiously pacing back and forth all alone in the storm drain.

After opening up the drain, Majek lowered himself inside and carefully lifted the little fawn to safety.

The Woodbridge Police Department shared a video of the adorable encounter on Facebook, where it has since racked up an astounding 2.5 million views.

This occasion wasn't the first time Majek has helped an animal in trouble.

He once saved a deer trapped in his neighbor's backyard, and has also freed a buck that was entangled in a soccer net, WPIX reported.

In his 22 years as part of the Woodbridge Police Department, Majek has also rescued many other animals including baby ducklings, raccoons and kittens.

"I'm definitely an animal lover," he told WPIX.

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