High school senior receives gift from grandma 14 years after her death

It's graduation season, so seniors can expect gifts from family -- but this one is particularly special.

High school senior Kayla Buckmaster was so surprised with a letter she received, she shared it on Twitter:

"My grandma died when I was 4," Buckmaster explained, "but before she passed she wrote me a graduation letter and left a gift. i just got to open it after 14 years."

While Buckmaster's grandmother passed years ago, she still remembers her. She told FreshU, "She made all my birthday cakes, took me everywhere she went, and was the best grandma ever."

She continued, "She had the kindest heart and was always willing to help anybody in need."

The letter was a complete surprise for Buckmaster. "I got a text from my dad that said he had a present for me when I was at my grad night and the next morning, he came in my room and handed it to me and I had no clue what it was," she told FreshU. "I started crying, and it was super exciting and emotional."

Buckmaster's not the only person who was emotional over the sweet surprise:

The tweet went viral, getting over 86,000 retweets and 460,000 likes