Russia reportedly investigating mysterious deaths of 2 North Koreans in Moscow hotel


Russian authorities are reportedly investigating the mysterious deaths of two North Koreans in Moscow.

According to Newsweek, which cited a local newspaper report, "Chkhe Men Sen, 37 and Khon Gim Chkol, 22, both complained of breathing difficulties while at their lodgings...on Saturday."

They were said to have been found in separate rooms of a hotel where they were both staying, notes the Moscow Times.

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One man reportedly died before emergency crews arrived while the other made it to the hospital but did not survive.

The Moscow Times reports that the cause of death for both is said to be "acute heart failure." However, there may be lingering concern about a potential health risk at the hotel since at least two other non-Russian residents have also reportedly exhibited symptoms of illness and have since been hospitalized, notes the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, a small group continues to stay at the location, but they are now required to report any changes to their health.

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