Record-setting bass caught with McDonald’s chicken nugget

They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar -- and apparently, you catch more fish with nuggets than worms, too.

When Matthew McNellis and his girlfriend weren't having any luck while out fishing on Lake Bardwell, located in the southwest region of Texas, his girlfriend suggested using a McDonald's chicken nugget as bait.

Shockingly, McNellis was able to reel in an enormous big mouth bass, weighing just under 11 pounds and measuring 24.5 inches long, using the tasty fried treat.

That's quite the Filet-O-Fish if you ask us.

Afterwards, McNellis took the behemoth to the Highview Marina in Ennis, Texas, where it was officially declared a record-setting catch.

Best of all?

After taking down the fish's measurements, the couple released the bass back into the water.

As for the future of fried food as bait? According to WHNT, McNellis says he may try using french fries from Wendy's next time.

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