Las Vegas thieves steal 30,000 condoms and over $10,000 worth of sex toys

Over Memorial Day weekend, thieves made off with merchandise from a Lelo warehouse worth thousands.

According to CNBC, a pair of robbers went to the warehouse in Las Vegas on Friday night; it had closed early ahead of the holiday weekend. They went off with two boxes, or 30,000 worth, of Lelo's Hex condom.

The following day, the same pair returned and took two boxes of sex toys, worth over $10,000.

Lelo, the luxury sex toy company that was hit with the robbery, shared a blog post about the incident. The sex toys stolen were 33 prostate massages and 48 Kegel exercising aids.

"33 prostate massagers seems a little excessive even by Vegas standards," the blog post mused.

According to Lelo, they were planning on giving away the condoms before the robbery. "And you know the dumbest part of this," the blog post read, "In a few days we're about to give away THOUSANDS of Hex condoms for free anyway."

Lelo's U.S. president, Pavle Sedic, called what happened "shocking." Las Vegas police confirmed to CNBC that an investigation has started.

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