This site estimates how likely you are to lose your job to robots

As artificial intelligence and robotics continue to pick up steam, thousands of jobs we could once take for granted are at risk of being automated, threatening to leave a bevy of diligent workers on the dole. But there might be a tool you can consult to take the necessary measures before your time has come.

Created by designer-developer duo Dimitar Raykov and Mubashar Iqbal, 'Will robots take my job?' is an amusing web-based tool that predicts how susceptible your occupation is to the ever-growing current of automation and computerization.

The pleasantly designed website practically lets you fill in your (or any other) role and proceeds to calculate what the odds are this job could one day be outsourced to robots.

The tool further provides additional data like the total number of people employed at each occupation as well as the projected growth for its respective field by the year 2024.

For example, while developers and reporters – like myself – don't seem to be in immediate danger of falling victim to automation, technical writers and statistical assistants might not be as fortunate.

robot, automation, jobs
robot, automation, jobs

To offer such insight, 'Will robots take my job?' sources data from this automation research as well as statistics from the Bureau of Labor. It is worth noting that the report is specific to the US job market, though the same trend will likely follow globally sooner or later.

Head to 'Will robots take my job?' by clicking here and find out whether robots are out to get you.

In case you want to cross-reference how likely you are to lose your craft to automation, make sure to check out NPR's own predictive tool that similarly calculates your odds of being replaced by a machine.