Massachusetts man who allegedly killed his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter says the girl was a demon

(By: Nick Cardona)

The Massachusetts man who reportedly killed his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter says the little girl was a demon.

Prosecutors allege Michael McCarthy killed Bella Bond in 2015 and dumped her body in the Boston Harbor. Then he apparently threatened the baby's mother saying if she told anyone, he would kill her.

Bella for months was known only as Baby Doe since police couldn't identify her body after it turned up in a trash bag on an island in the harbor.

McCarthy was living with Rachelle Bond at the time of Bella's death.

Prosecutors allege that back in June of 2015, Rachelle told police she saw her boyfriend beating her daughter in the stomach until she wasn't moving or breathing.They both then drove to South Boston and threw the body into the water.

Rachelle Bond has agreed to testify against McCarthy. She also plead guilty to helping get rid of her daughter's body. McCarthy claims Rachelle killed Bella and denies his involvement.