Internet grossed out by viral photos of man's 13-pound 'monster frog' catch in Texas

Photos of a man holding a monster-sized frog he reportedly caught in a Texas pond are going viral online.

The South Texas Hunting Association posted photos of hunter Markuz Rangel on Thursday holding up the giant bullfrog his said weighs 13 pounds.

Steve Lightfoot, a spokesman for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, confirmed to that the photo is not photoshopped. However, he said the picture is still misleading.

"It's not as bigly as it appears," spokesman Steve Lightfoot said. "[It's an] optical illusion created by extending frog toward the camera – similar to what you see with fishermen holding up fish to make them appear larger. Still a big bullfrog, though."

See photos of your average-bullfrog for comparison:

Bull frogs
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Bull frogs
American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) full profile with vivid eyes - male
Bull Frog
Bull Frog
Bull Frog
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Bullfrog in the water of a swamp
a bullfrog hides in the algae at a pond near or in the Moraine View State Park, LeRoy Illinois
bullfrog on leaf.

According to Snopes, who debunked similar claims of a 42-pound bullfrog in 2015, the American bullfrog is the largest of all North American frogs and can weigh up to 1.5 pounds. But even the world's largest frog, the Goliath Frog, meets shy of the claim's requirements, weighing an average of 7 pounds.

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Either way, the internet remains in disbelief of the massive frog.

The post has since been shared over 250,000 times.

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