Number of cities calling for President Trump’s impeachment continues to grow

On Thursday, Brookline, Massachusetts joined the growing number of cities "calling on Congress to investigate impeaching President Donald Trump," notes Newsweek.

According to Politico, it is the 10th city to do so. The news outlet notes that the Massachusetts towns of Cambridge, Amherst, Pelham and Leverett have already made the call, and one other has a proposal up for consideration. California is another hotbed of impeachment, with four cities on the list.

At issue for many is Trump's apparent reluctance to create a satisfying distance between himself and his company, leaving questions about financial benefits he may be enjoying due to his high office, reports Newsweek.

There are concerns that the president may be in violation of the emoluments clause, a matter, they say, requires a thorough investigation.

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While Brookline is the latest city to organize a call for Congress to launch an inquiry into whether impeachment proceedings are warranted, it may not be the last.

Steps towards an inquiry request are already underway in Chicago. Spearheaded by Ameya Pawar, a member of the city council, the effort is focused both on Trump's financial matters and the firing of FBI Director James Comey, which, according to Pawar, was an obstruction of justice.