The internet is buzzing about the mystery red lights seen in the White House

A variety of news outlets took to Twitter on Sunday to ask if anyone had information on the red lights that appeared to be flashing inside the second floor of the White House.

While no one had answers, many shared theories about the viral footage from WOFL's livestream. There were numerous suggestions of alien activity, disco parties, and dark magic.

One person shared the recent image of Trump and Saudi leaders gathered around a glowing orb and quipped, "No wait, it's this thing."

Another suggested the red flashes were caused by a "Tanning bed on the fritz."

Of course, there were those who embraced the light story as an opportunity to comment upon recent events.

Among those tweets was the suggestion that the flashes were, "Jarrod's 'back channel' to the Russians," to which someone responded, "Morse code to the Russians will undoubtedly be the @washingtonpost 's conclusion..."

Scroll through to see some of the wildest theories:

According to Gizmodo, the conspiracy party seems to be ultimately broken up by people applying logic to the situation. That group has suggested the red flashes appear to be lights from an emergency vehicle reflecting off the windows.