President Trump acted like a 'drunk tourist' during first foreign trip: report

Donald Trump acted like a "drunk tourist" who was "loud and tacky" when meeting with foreign diplomats, according to a new report.

At least that's what a U.S. State Department Official told the Daily Beast following the president's first trip abroad. The unnamed official said other world leaders were frustrated with Trump's "arrogant" stances on climate change, taxes and security and part of that lack of diplomacy led German Chancellor Angela Merkel to declare the end of the U.S. alliance with Europe.

The United States is the only country out of the seven G7 nations that didn't agree to stick with their commitment to implement the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Social reactions to Trump singing the National Anthem
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Social reactions to Trump singing the National Anthem
Uhm, was trump bobbing his head while singing part of the Nat"l Anthem at Arlington? #Trump
@DavidCornDC Classic trump also at Arlington - basking in the crowd's applause w/a huge grin on his face... singing…
#Outnumbered Trump singing the national anthem during today's Memorial Day ceremony - the late night shows have lots of material tonight.
All you watching this? Trump clowning around while singing national anthem during Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington. #MemorialDay
@frangeladuo @SMShow Anybody catching this Memorial service @ Arlington with Dopey Trump singing and swaying like it's a pep rally? WTF?
#Arlington good Lord, someone gave tRump some happy pills today (singing). Its a somber moment you fool. Will he ever stop embarrassing us?
tRump singing at Arlington ceremony like he was on The Voice. Body language of dignitaries next to him? Priceless. #Arlington
Trump at Arlington, mugging & singing for cameras is sickening. For those who haven't been, it's an incredibly solemn site. Deserves more.
So trump is dancing and singing to the national anthem at Arlington Cemetery.......what do I even say to this?
Trump singing probably just broke Twitter #arlingtonnationalcemetery
Why was TRUMP singing along to the Star Spangled.Banner and didnt know the words, just sit down. ARLINGTON
trump not looking somber at all. Bobbing head, all smiles,and singing. This embarrassment is always inappropriate.
#Trump obviously doesn't realize the #ArlingtonCemetary ceremony is solemn as he is singing & tapping out tunes on his lapel. #MemorialDay
Trump singing along to the national anthem at Arlington is the highlight of my day.
The Orange Piece of Shit looked like everyone's drunk senile old uncle singing the anthem at Arlington. Trump is national embarrassment 🇺🇸
I absolutely love it during the national anthem you could see Trump singing the words I don't even think Obama knew the words. Trump rocks!
@HannitysHead @realDonaldTrump Wow. Here's Trump singing and dancing through the National anthem on Memorial Day. W…
Ok I hate Trump just as much as the next guy. But why are people mad at him for singing the national anthem?
@dcexaminer Yes, POTUS Trump loves America & also has no problem showing respect by singing along & putting his han…
At what should be a somber ceremony to pay respect to the dead Trump is singing the national anthem like its happy…

The accord is aimed at slowing global warming. Trump did say he needed more time to decide if the Unites States should abandon the agreement.

The official went on to say Trump shoving the Prime Minister of Montenegro aside to stand at the front of the NATO leaders and the president's unusually tense handshake with France's new president are just examples of Trump stepping on others without him realizing it.

President Macron said his handshake with Trump "wasn't innocent." More than one European official called Trump's appearance a disaster.

Trump himself said he was pleased with the trip -- tweeting @realDonaldTrump "Just returned from Europe. Trip was a great success for America. Hard work but big results!"

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