Forget Buckingham Palace -- the graveyard is where London tourists are heading


For most travelers, heading to London or D.C. means taking a walk over the London Bridge or a selfie in front of the White House.

For other grim seeking tourists, they're adventures lead them straight to the nearest cemetery.

It's called tombstone tourism and it's gaining traction in major cities.

Cemeteries aren't just a place to mourn anymore, according to the Cemetery Club. This London based tour told Lonely Planet that cemeteries are a library of the long gone who have stories and achievements which should be shared.

One stop on this tour will have you at Tower Hamlets where residents of London's notorious East End are buried.

Here in the U.S., D.C.'s congressional cemetery offers up walking tours.

The legendary illusionist Harry Houdini is buried in Queens, NY which is a popular destination on Halloween.

The Cemetery Club in London said "there is a romance associated with graveyards. You get history, nature and beauty."

Talk about a grim way to travel!