Trump reportedly enlists lawyer for Russia investigations

President Trump has reportedly enlisted a private attorney to help him beat back the investigations into any potential collusion between his campaign and the Russian government.

Marc Kasowitz, Trump's reported pick, is a partner at Kasowitz, Benson, Torres and Friedman. That happens to be the firm where former Sen. Joe Lieberman currently works. And Lieberman is rumored to be Trump's top choice for FBI director.

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Reaction to report that Trump gave classified info to Russian officials
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Reaction to report that Trump gave classified info to Russian officials
Protip: Don’t give the Russians classified information. #Classified101
Protecting our national security is one of the most important tasks a president has, and Trump is failing at it.
Next time somebody says revealing unconstitutional mass surveillance to the press crossed a line, show them this:
Shocking actions for any American President but sadly unsurprising coming from President Trump.
NEW: Statement from @SpeakerRyan came. “We have no way to know what was said, but protecting our nation's secrets is paramount." (1/2)
THIS: .@SpeakerRyan statement on WaPo story (2/2): "The speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts from the administration."
If true, deeply disturbing...
@benjaminwittes @BlogsofWar An eloquent friend who has served at high levels just said to me, "For the first time i…
This was a joke when I tweeted it. Turned out to be real.
This is unacceptable, completely unacceptable...
If true, this is a slap in the face to the intel community. Risking sources & methods is inexcusable, particularly…
All 3 statements sent via @PressSec: Tillerson, McMaster & Powell 👇👇
In 2011, Republican senators added amendment No. 1310 to NDAA to bar sharing classified info on MD with Russians. Will they speak out now?
Pelosi: Trump has "jeopardized the security of the American people."
If the Washington Post report is true, it is very disturbing. Revealing classified information at this level is extremely dangerous.
Report that Trump shared highly classified intelligence with Russians is deeply disturbing. House Intel needs to be…

Kasowitz has represented Trump several times in the past. During the campaign, he sent an angry letter to The New York Times demanding it pull down its coverage of sexual assault claims against Trump.

The White House already has a lawyer on staff, but his job is more focused on defending the office of the president, not the individual. A personal lawyer can also invoke attorney-client privilege to keep legal advice confidential; federal employees don't have that luxury.

Trump might not be alone, either — Politico reports that some West Wing employees are searching around for affordable private legal help in case they get caught up in an investigation.

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