Melania Trump has rosary blessed by Pope Francis after they joke about Trump's diet

Melania Trump accompanied husband President Trump in his first official visit to the Vatican on Wednesday as the couple met with Pope Francis.

The Pope also struck up conversation with Melania by asking her in Italian "What do you give him to eat?" referring to President Trump. He then suggested, "Potizza?" which is a Slovenian treat. The first lady reportedly responded with delight and laughed.

After their light-hearted exchange, the Pope blessed a rosary in her hand before moving on to greet Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. A rosary is a Catholic string of prayer beads, each bead marking a different prayer.

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The first lady wore a traditional black veil, or "mantilla" during her Vatican visit, an item that was common for women to wear to Catholic church into the 1950's. Melania later removed the veil when she visited the Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome. Bambino Gesu translates to English as "Children of Jesus."

'I'm glad to visit the hospital – for the "bambinos," Melania told the Pope.

President Trump and Melania Trump were married in an Episcopalian church, and the first lady once acted on her faith in leading a rally audience in the Lord's Prayer -- the central prayer of Christianity.