Hero rescues 4 baby squirrels with their tails stuck together

A good Samaritan stumbled upon four baby squirrels with their tails matted together, and instead of panicking, he helped them out.

Andrew Day of Bangor, Maine, was peering out his window on Sunday when he spotted something unusual. He began recording as he approached the "squirrel king," the Bangor Daily News reports. A curious cat was also lurking nearby.

He shooed away the cat and called Bangor Animal Control, but the office was closed. He couldn't get the game warden to come fast enough, either.

Day and his father decided to take matters into their own hands by coaxing the squirrels into a box. Once the babies calmed down, they inspected the tails and cut them free from the matted fur with some scissors.

"It was like a giant dreadlock," Day told the Daily News. "Intertwined with it was straw and twigs and there was some plastic."

Day released the squirrels and they ran up a tree to reunite with their mother.