Disturbing find made at home of woman missing for 30 years

Nearly 30 years after Peggy Sue Case went missing, investigators in Spanish Fork, Utah, believe they finally have answers.

Police found remains buried in a backyard shed that they say belong to the missing woman.

"The tenant who was moving out this morning was removing some items from the cement cellar in the backyard," Lt. Matt Johnson told KSTU. "He became somewhat curious and he and the individual with him decided to dig and remove some of the soil."

KSTU reports that the tenant first had the idea to dig after a neighbor told him a woman who lived there before him had gone missing in 1988.

"They dug down approximately 18 inches and found a human skull wrapped in a blanket," Johnson said.

Police say Case had been fighting with her boyfriend at the time, Michael Kurfin, when she went missing.

Days after her disappearance, Kurfin became a person of interest and detectives began searching the property they shared together.

"The detective at that time spent may many hours searching the residence, as well as the space beneath the residence and checked the cellar and removed some dirt from the cellar," Lt. Johnson told the station.

Police said a forensic team will be able to identify the body in a few days. If the remains belong to Case, police say they will reproach her former boyfriend.

Until the remains are identified, authorities say they realize that the person of interest has a head start -- but they're not concerned.

"There's always that worry, but he can only run for so long," Lt. Johnson said.

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