Baltimore lawyer allegedly offered rape victim money to not testify, said 'Trump's laws' would deport her

A Baltimore defense attorney was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly told a rape victim the Trump administration would deport her if she testified against his client.

According to the Baltimore Sun, 38-year-old Christos Vasiliades and Edgar Ivan Rodriguez were recorded attempting to intimidate the victim's husband. The pair offered the victim's husband $3,000 if the victim did not show up to court and hinted that the victim could be deported if she testifies.

"You know how things are with Trump's laws now; someone goes to court, and boom, they get taken away," Rodriguez said on the recording to the victim and her husband.

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The threat was made amid a growing fear in immigrant communities that they will be arrested if they report crimes.

In April, Vasiliades, who was representing Mario Aguilar-Delossantos in the rape case, called the victims husband and said they needed to talk, reports NBC News.

That evening, Vasiliades and an interpreter sat down with the victim and her husband, warning them not to testify because Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers would be in the courtroom.

The couple reported the incident to police agreed to meet with Vasiliades again while wearing a wire.

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During the second meeting, Vasiliades made the couple leave their phones in another room, however, the wire picked up the attorney, again offering the victim money and explaining how they would receive it after the case was thrown out.

"My guy's going to be like, 'I'm here, but she is too!'" the lawyer said on tape, according to the indictment. "They're going to ask, 'You have your documents?' Then everybody's f***ed."

Vasiliades suggested that the couple take the money and then beat up his client.

"I think you should find him and kick his a**, personally," the attorney allegedly told the victim's husband.

Vasiliades and Rodriguez were arrested on Tuesday and were charged with witness intimidation and obstruction of justice.