Washington D.C. bar removes 'Pill Cosby' cocktail after complaints

A Washington D.C. bar is under fire for a drink option known as the "Pill Cosby."

The cocktail was on the menu at new restaurant Diet Starts Monday. It references shamed comedian Bill Cosby, whose trial for drugging and sexually assaulting 60 women began Monday.

The drink, which featured empty capsules on top, and was shared on Twitter:

Soon after, Diet Starts Monday was inundated with criticism:

"Pill Cosby" has since been removed from the menu. Owners Davin Gentry, Kevin Hallums and John Geiger posted a statement on Twitter:

"This drink was a one-time item -- its inclusion as an offering of ours was in poor taste and we've taken all necessary steps to ensure it won't happen again," the statement read. "We take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended. The allegations against Mister Cosby are serious and we in no way intended to make light of the pain surrounding his behavior."

The statement concluded with, "We are sorry for any pain this caused and we're working to do better."