New Jersey restaurant employee fired for anti-police note on receipt

The owner of a restaurant in New Jersey is apologizing after an employee called police officers "pigs" on their receipt.

The receipt, which came from Romanelli's Garden Cafe in Galloway Township, included the words "cops," "pigs," and "puercos" -- which is "swine" in Spanish.

It was soon shared on social media:

Romanelli's owner, Drew Huggard, expressed his support of police in a statement on Facebook:

"I wanted to reach to everyone and apologize about an earlier post about a receipt that was handed over to police officer. I find this very gross and disrespectful," Huggard wrote.

"We have reprimanded the employees involved. We support our local police department and all forms of law enforcement."

Huggard confirmed that the employee who wrote on the receipt has been fired.

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