Miners find 794 pound emerald in Brazil


A giant emerald measuring 4.3 feet and weighing a whopping 794 pounds was discovered in April in the mining region of Carnaiba in the north of Brazil.

The precious stone was found 656 feet below the surface of the Carnaiba mine in the Pindobacu district, by the Bahia Mineral Cooperative.

The emerald was sold to an individual who refused to give an interview for security purposes, and did not reveal how much he had paid.

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"(The emerald) will be no good for (making jewellery), it is more for people with an interest in collecting and work with this objective," said jeweler, Edilson Araujo.

The owner's lawyer, Marcio Jandir, said all the relevant documentation for the sale had been completed. He said the owner was authorised to travel with the stone throughout Brazilian territory as he intended to present it at museums and libraries.

"Today, the owner of the stone is authorized to travel with it through all national territory, obviously he wants to do some exhibitions with the stone, present it in museums and libraries, wherever he is able to present it," said Marcio Jandir, the lawyer for the emerald's owner.

The emerald is the second of its kind found in the region, following another discovered in 2001 which weighed 44 pounds and was valued at 310 million U.S.-dollars. The emerald was transported to the United States illegally and became the subject of a legal dispute between Brazil and the United States until it was decided in 2015 it would remain in the United States.