Donald Trump tries to hold Melania's hand, gets rejected, touches her rear end instead

One day after a video of Melania Trump slapping Donald Trump's hand away on a Tel Aviv tarmac went viral, similar footage has surfaced -- but this time, there's a twist.

While getting off of Air Force One in Rome, the president was spotted reaching for his wife's hand. She pulls her hand away and fixes her hair as her husband rests his hand on her rear end instead.

Amanda Wills, the director of breaking news at CNN, tweeted a GIF of the butt grab:

Twitter users erupted in response to the viral moment:

The recent events are part of a series of noteworthy body language moments observed between the president and the first lady. In the past, Melania has nudged her husband in public and displayed a few disturbed facial expressions in response to his actions.

This particular incident is reminiscent of the time Trump patted his daughter Ivanka's lower back at the Republican National Convention.

See President Trump and Melania Trump's body language through the years: