An everyday car theft got much stranger when the thieves found a body in the back of the car

Police are still piecing together the wild chain of events that led to a corpse on the side of the road, two arrests and a missing Chevrolet Suburban, but it probably looks like this.

KBTX reports that a contractor for the Daniel & Sons Funeral Home in Bryan, TX drove the Suburban to a convenience store on Friday morning. He left the car running while he went inside, and police say Tanya Albrecht, 28, got in the running SUV and took off.

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She then drove the hearse to pick up Adam Crow, 27. KBTX checked jail records and confirmed that both are from Bryan.

At some point, one of them noticed they had a third passenger in the car: a dead body. The body and gurney were dumped on the side of a rural road in Brazos County, Texas.

The Chevrolet Suburban was spotted around noon by a Brazos County Sheriff's Deputy, who stopped and arrested the pair. The two have been charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; Albrecht is also facing charges of abusing a corpse.

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