Reports: Trump adviser behind immigration order is writing his speech on Islam

As President Trump begins his first foreign trip, some observers are expressing concern about a highly anticipated speech he is set to give in Saudi Arabia.

CNN is reporting, based on an inside source, that these remarks, which will address Islam, are being largely written by Trump's senior adviser Stephen Miller who is considered the chief architect behind the president's controversial ban on immigrants from six mostly Muslim countries.

The media outlet notes that while the speech is said to have been "put together through a collaborative process inside the White House," Miller is considered the leading voice.

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Some are uneasy about his role because, according to CNN, the 31-year-old "has a lengthy history with anti-Muslim rhetoric."

The Charlotte Observer notes that Miller helped to launch a group opposing Islamic terrorism while at Duke University.

Called the Terrorism Awareness Project, it reportedly had a website which indicated that its goal was to make "students aware of the Islamic jihad and the terrorist threat, and to mobilize support for the defense of America and the civilization of the West."

Miller has also worked closely with chief strategist Steve Bannon and attorney general Jeff Sessions who have expressed strong views on immigration and terrorism.

However, White House sources have reportedly told the New York Times that Trump's speech will "seek to unify the Muslim world against the scourge of extremism."