President Trump slammed as 'hypocrite' for 'bowing' to the Saudi king


During a ceremony on Saturday Saudi Arabia King Salman presented President Donald Trump with the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar, the kingdom's highest civilian honor, and people are really concerned whether or not the president bowed in appreciation.

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"Appears Trump really bowed down. Is this Making America Great Again?," tweeted one user after video surfaced that appears to show Trump bowing slightly to the Saudi King after having the gold medallion placed around his neck.

Many were quick to point out that conservative media, including President Trump himself, criticized former President Barack Obama for bowing to the Saudi King during a foreign trip in 2009.

"The slightest bow from Trump as he receives a medal. Conservatives were not happy when Obama did the same in 2009," tweeted AXIOS news editor Alexi McCammond‏.

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Some are saying the president didn't bow, but instead "curtsied to the Saudi King."

"He flipping CURTSIED," wrote Market Watch columnist Brett Arends.

But some conservative media outlets are claiming President Trump did not bow, or curtsy. A FOX News headline reads, "NO BENDING OVER," and "Unlike Obama, Trump shakes Saudi king's hand."

"Despite video/pics showing Trump bowing to receive gold medal from Saudi king, @foxnews has this story on on its front page," Tweeted one user pointing out the discrepancy.

Others are admitting the controversy surrounding #bowgate, both in relation to former President Obama and now President Trump, is "stupid" -- unless a double standard is revealed.

"The "Obama bowed" stuff was always stupid, and any "Trump bowed" stuff is presumptively also stupid except to extent it highlights hypocrisy," wrote one Twitter user.