Democratic representative tweets 'cheat sheet' for Trump’s foreign trip

President Trump has started his first foreign trip and to navigate his way through, he's getting help from an unexpected source – a Democrat.

California Representative Ted Lieu posted to Facebook, "As a Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I created this simple cheat sheet for President Trump's first overseas visit."

And it reads:

- "DON't leak classified information"

- "Israel = ally"

- "Russia = not ally"

- "G-7 is NOT a golf reference."

- "DON'T talk about a muslim ban with the Saudis. Actually don't talk about banning Muslims ever again."

- "Heads up for Pope Francis meeting: He knows climate change is real, hates your proposed wall, and is not a fan of locker room talk."

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Numerous reactions followed with some actually wondering if this was real or a joke. Most, however, went along with the humorous post and provided their own ideas.

For instance, one Twitter user noted, "Can you add, 'Nobody cares about your electoral college win or the size of your inauguration crowd?'"

Another said, "I'm not even Catholic, but I am fervently praying that he doesn't try to give the Pope that shoulder-dislocating bully handshake!"