Woman horrified to find 120,000 bees living in her ceiling


A Georgia homeowner's discovery in her living room ceiling is causing some major buzz.

Lisa Ohrmundt first heard the familiar sound of bees outside her home in Decatur a couple of months ago but had no idea the horror she'd eventually encounter.

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"I told my roommate we gotta call a bee person," Ohrmundt told InsideEdition.com.

A specialist located the hive with a heat sensor and cut a small hole in the ceiling to see how many bees were inside.

"I thought it was the beginning of a small hive and they were going to come out and do their little jobs," Ohrmundt said.

But that's not how it happened.

What looked like a small hive ended up being six feet of honeycomb between joists in the ceiling, complete with an estimated 120,000 bees.

"This is the second biggest hive he's seen this year. I was mortified," Ohrmundt said. "It took him six hours. They had to break the hive apart... There was honey everywhere."

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But at least that sweetened the deal a little bit.

"I did taste the honey," Ohrmundt said. "Here in Georgia there's this bush that flowers in the spring and it smells really sweet, almost like jasmine, and the honey tasted exactly like that."

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