Where is Vice President Mike Pence?

Where is Vice President Mike Pence? That's what some are wondering as the 2nd most powerful person in the country has largely kept to himself in recent weeks.

Other than a luncheon with Turkish President Erdogan on Tuesday and the occasional speech, that's been about it, and it's really no surprise.

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With Washington thrown into chaos over President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, and his supposed request to have Comey drop his investigation into Michael Flynn... it's a story Pence has seen before and clearly wants no part of.

Click through images of VP Mike Pence visits South Korea:

Some are suggesting that Pence's credibility took a hit when he defended Flynn's phone call with the Russians... that turned out to be an embarrassment.

And now after defending Trump's firing of Comey at the supposed recommendation of the Deputy AG, he's been contradicted yet again.

Pence has however disputed a New York Times report, which indicated Flynn told the transition team Pence led, that he was under investigation for taking money from Turkey.

His silence and willingness to stay out of the loop may be seen as a form of self-preservation as those on the hill have begun whispering "President Pence."