Millennials expected to take over 25,000 selfies in their lifetime

Selfies have by now become an epidemic. It seems like everywhere we turn there's someone with a camera trying to catch the perfect angle.

Many studies have been done on what seems to be a narcissistic era. A study by Now Sourcing and Frames Direct revealed that the average millennial will spend an hour a week on selfie duty, which can be anything from taking the photo to re-taking and editing it.

Considering the average lifespan is 27,375 days, an average millennial is expected to take 25,700 selfies during their lifetime. That's close to one selfie daily.

55 percent of social media selfies come from millennials, but Gen X follows with 24 percent and baby boomers with 9 percent.

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Non-profit organization Rawhide found some interesting selfie stats:

  • 74 percent of Snapchat photos are selfies.

  • 1,000 selfies are posted on Instagram every second.

  • In 2015, more people died from taking selfies than from shark attacks.

TIME reported the Philippines is the selfie capital of the world. Makati City produces more selfies per capita than any other city in the world, with Manhattan and Miami following.

And why are people taking selfies? A research from the University of Toronto concluded that those who take a large number are overestimating how good looking and likable they are.