Madeleine Albright doesn’t want Trump to tweet on his foreign trip

A former U.S. secretary of state has indicated that she hopes President Trump refrains from tweeting during his first trip abroad.

Madeleine Albright, who was also a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, made the comment during a CNN interview Thursday.

After she outlined his itinerary which includes stops in the Middle East and Italy, she said, "...he has to keep his mind on what he's doing. He represents the United States."

Albright then added, "I hope, even though we seem to be setting kind of a low bar for this trip—if he just doesn't make mistakes—I hope that there is not one single tweet about anything during the nine days that he's gone."

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The comment was likely prompted, in part, by co-host Chris Cuomo's on-air announcement that Trump had just tweeted about the appointment of a special counsel to investigate ties with Russia, writing, "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!"

Albright said after the tweet was read that "I'm always amazed that everything he does has to be 'the greatest'...I think he needs to keep his mind on what is going to be, I think, a very important trip."

In fact, Politico has described his multi-country itinerary "an ambitious undertaking." Despite the controversy around Trump in the U.S., officials have reportedly expressed optimism about the trip; a report by the media outlet said, based on inside sources, that "...the expected warm reception in Saudi Arabia and Israel could boost the spirits of a president who has been frustrated and isolated in the White House, where he is still mulling a shakeup of his West Wing team."

Meanwhile, the New York Times is reporting that "He doesn't really want to go."

While the trip could help change the current dialogue about his presidency, Trump is said to prefer familiar surroundings, and the Times speculates that the meetings could result in more gaffes.