Army veteran rips apart Sheriff David Clarke for his 'toy uniform' adorned with 'novelty pins'


An irate veteran called out Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke in a string of tweets posted Wednesday night, berating the conservative firebrand for his highly decorated uniform.

Clarke, a controversial sheriff and staunch Trump supporter, who reportedly accepted an offer to become the next assistant deputy secretary of Homeland Security, is known for making quite the stir with his fashion choices over the years.

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At most of his public functions, the sheriff often can be found wearing a cowboy hat, a stylish suit or, most notable, his uniform decorated with a number of pins and ribbons.

On Wednesday evening, Charles Clymer pointed out on Twitter that even though they may look like military medals, they may not be.

Clymer‏ — who describes himself as a Texan army veteran, genderqueer, and a writer — immediately launched into Clark via tweet replies, attacking the sheriff for his "toy uniform" and "unauthorized" pins.

"Look at this f------ guy's uniform," Clymer posted. "You see all that s--- pinned all over his dress uniform jacket? That's not supposed to be there."

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Clymer's post was liked more 9,000 times — but he was nowhere close to being finished.

Over the course of 12 minutes, Clymer unleashed a fiery tirade against Clark, with 14 separate tweets in all.

The rant immediately went viral. Read the rest below.

In all, Clymer's tweets were liked nearly 100,000 times and seem to be widely received well.

"Thanks for sharing your rant! Not only is it valuable to the conversation, it's enlightening and a perspective I'd missed," on person tweeted, while another posted, "Thanks for this. To me, as a civilian, this always seemed over the top but couldn't I identify why."