Woman rescues hundreds of dogs from 'dumping site' over the years

Saving one stray dog completely changed a Texas woman's life.

Judy Obregon, 44, rescued a pup from a "dumping ground" near Echo Lake in Fort Worth seven years ago, and she hasn't stopped trying to save animals yet.

"I was driving down the service road [near the lake] and I spotted a stray. The stray led me to another dog that was injured," Obregon told InsideEdition.com.

She spent the next week working to gain the dog's trust until it decided to come home with her. The dog healed and was later adopted.

"Other people in the area started coming up to me [during that week] about other dogs that they'd seen. They gave me locations of dogs that had been dumped," Obregon said.

She was inspired to start The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue, an organization that rescues abandoned dogs and helps them find loving homes.

Since then, Obregon said she has rescued more than 300 dogs.

Last month, Obregon found a dog named Callie at the dumping site with a rope around her neck. The pup had escaped a fence she had been tied to and could barely walk.

"She walks up to me and puts her head in between my legs," Obregon said.

In a video Obregon shared of Callie's rescue, the pup takes one look back at where she was rescued from while Obregon is driving away and then kisses her rescuer.

Callie is now living with a foster family and recovering from the abuse.

Obregon told InsideEdition.com that some of the cases she has seen are horrific.

In 2016, she rescued a dog named Mercy who she initially thought she was dead.

"When I saw her lift her head, I turned around immediately. She was dragging both of her back legs. She just wagged and wagged despite the condition that I found her in," Obregon told InsideEdition.com. "I think every animal I find out there. It's almost like they are waiting for me."

Mercy was found with multiple leg fractures and the vet said at first that she might not walk again -- but she proved them wrong. She has since been adopted.

Tragically, Obregon says she often finds dead at the dumping ground -- even more than she finds dogs who are living.

"There are times I don't even sleep when I find them dead. I found one recently dead last week that truly broke my heart. It was a tiny puppy that was found inside a bag. Someone had cut the dog's chest open. It's the worst case I've seen recently," Obregon said.

Moments like that inspire her to keep working.

"It's not just about rescuing," Obregon told the outlet. "It's about educating people to avoid these circumstances. I don't think I can stop until I make a change in the area or make a big impact."

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