Viral video shows sharks swimming alarmingly close to beachgoers


A video showing multiple sharks swimming close to the shoreline just south of Myrtle Beach, California, has gone viral, gaining over ten million views since it was uploaded on May 16.

The shocking footage was shot by Cody Kinzer at the Garden City Pier, which is about five miles south of the popular tourist hot spot.

Myrtle Beach Getaway posted the video on its Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon, where it has since been shared over 230,000 times and racked up more than 42,000 comments.

"Seeing these sharks this close to shore was surprising," Kinzer told WYFF. "I've fished a lot down there so I know they are always out there and I've seen plenty but I've never seen 8-10 sharks this close behaving the way they were."

While Kinzer says he was blown away by the wild response his video has received, he told the station that the last thing he wants is for the footage to scare anybody away from the water permanently.

"If I could tell (viewers) to take any one thing away from the video is that it's a good reminder that sharks always have been and always will be around when you're in the ocean," he said.

"We actually swam about 300 feet away from this spot about an hour later when they were still hanging around and we had a great time."