The moment George W. Bush photobombed a live broadcast goes viral

George W. Bush is living his best life after the White House.

The former president had some fun at the expense of a FOX Sports reporter at Wednesday night's Texas Rangers game against the Phillies.

Bush was walking through the stands when he injected himself into reporter Emily Jones' live broadcast to say "hey" with a drink in hand.

Jones, who appeared unfazed by Bush's cameo appearance, told TIME she was shocked to find thousands of videos of Bush photobombing all over Twitter shortly after wrapping up her broadcast.

See Twitter reactions to the instantly viral moment

Twitter reactions to the instantly viral moment
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Twitter reactions to the instantly viral moment
@dcarterruff @EmilyJonesMcCoy Miss that guy so much right now. (And I voted for Gore!)
@dcarterruff @redsteeze @EmilyJonesMcCoy
@dcarterruff @EmilyJonesMcCoy Look out for the Gatorade...
@dcarterruff @realmindyhodge @EmilyJonesMcCoy No way Georgie is that mad rn, life's good!
@dcarterruff @timmydwestside @EmilyJonesMcCoy Lol! W the 🐐!
@dcarterruff @EmilyJonesMcCoy "Where's my hot dog?"
@dcarterruff @richschellhase @EmilyJonesMcCoy Nuts not pretzels smart

After the viral moment, Jones says she walked over to him and asked, "Did you just photobomb me?"

His response: "Yep, I sure did!"

But Jones didn't appear to mind too much. The reporter tweeted, "My most favorite photobomb ever," adding a link to the hilarious moment.

A loyal Rangers fan at heart, the former president used to be a managing partner for the Texas team and is often spotted at the games, so Jones says she's used to chatting with him throughout the season.

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"He's obviously very playful and likes to joke around. I can't even tell you what a nice man he is," Jones continued, adding that Bush often asks about her kids.

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