11-year-old cut off her hair to support her bullied sister

A report by the U.S. Justice Department states that despite efforts to stop it, bullying has unfortunately persisted in schools. One little girl saw it happening with her own sister and wanted to do something about it.

11-year-old Sarah Orrick saw that her younger sister, Jorgia, was upset that boys at school made fun of her short hair. She decided to go to Hue Salon in Oklahoma to cut her hair, too, and show her support.

"I've known the girls's mother Amy since elementary school, and she called me recently and asked if I would cut Sarah's long hair," Noell Shore, 42, a hairstylist at Hue Salon, told Yahoo Beauty.

Despite the big change, she had no hesitations about the cut. Shore said, "[Sarah] said she was ready for a change herself, and she wanted to defend Jorgia from the boys who were mean."

9-year-old Jorgia wasn't pleased at first, but she later came around. "At first, she was a little upset because she wanted to be the only one with short hair," Sarah and Jorgia's mother, Amy Orrick, told Yahoo Beauty. "But now she loves it."

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