Photo of woman sleeping in bed outside goes viral

A picture is worth a thousand words -- but sometimes, words just can't really explain what's going on in a photo.

Art Mitchells-Urwin shared a picture of a woman sleeping in a bed outdoors at SOAS,University of London to the OVERHEARD AT SOAS Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook

"They wheeled her there, left her there for about 15 minutes (she didn't get out of bed) and then they wheeled her away again," Mitchells-Urwin said in a comment.

It's unclear whether it was a joke, performance art or a desperate attempt at a nap.

"It was strange that there was no accompanying information as to whether this was performance art or what statement was being made," Mitchells-Urwin said in another comment.

Photo: Facebook

If the images area indeed performance art, they are certainly successful because the photo went viral on Facebook and the /r/london subreddit.