Man claims Siri saved him from dying in an explosion

Apple's voice-activated assistant can help users out in myriad ways -- one man even says that Siri saved his life.

According to WMUR, Christopher Beaucher went to Wilmot, New Hampshire, on May 1 to check on his mother's vacant house.

When he stepped inside and flipped a light switch, the house caught on fire. Part of it collapsed.

Beaucher was able to flee the house and grab his phone in his car, but his fingers were too badly burned to dial the numbers.

"I was going into shock, too, so having Siri to dial 911 for me was critical," he told WMUR.

He is now recovering at the Massachusetts General Hospital's burn center and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help him pay for medical expenses.

The Associated Press reports that "authorities are still investigating the explosion."

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