New study finds a way to help get rid of your common cold faster

There's no official cure for the common cold, at least not yet anyway.

However, there may be one way to get rid of it faster -- maybe even faster than your cold remedies.

Scientists at the University of Helsinki conducted a research study testing the effect of zinc acetate pills compared to placebo pills with sick patients.

After five trials, patients on the zinc pill recovered three times as fast as those on the placebo.

Keep in mind that these patients were given a higher dose than the usual. The studies did show that it was safe to take a higher dosage in some situations.

But to be even safer, let's stick to the recommendations.

The Department of Health and Human Services suggests eight milligrams of zinc for women and eleven milligrams for men.

Either way, always check with your doctor because doctors are your best friends when it comes to your health.

If you're like pretty much everyone on this Earth who hates catching that common cold, this may be the cure for you!

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