Mother dies after saving daughter from out-of-control car

A Long Island mother has passed away after saving her 16-year-old daughter.

Diane Aluska pushed her child, Jenna, out of the way when an out-of-control Toyota darted towards them in reverse, the New York Post reports.

The pair had just attended mass on Sunday, Mother's Day, when driver Ann Riolo backed into them while trying to leave the bakery. Authorities say that the Riolo, an 80-year-old, thought she had put her car in drive when it was actually in reverse. She then accelerated.

Diane grabbed Jenna by the shoulders and pushed her out of the way as Riolo's car collided with them.

"There is no doubt she saved her daughter's life," Suffolk County police Detective Sgt. James Murphy told the New York Post.

The mother and daughter were taken to Good Samaritan Hospital where Diane passed away. Jenna was injured but in stable condition.

As of Sunday night, Riolo has not been charged. "This appears to be non-criminal, a tragic accident," Murphy told the New York Post. "We are taking the car in to investigate, but it appears to be non-criminal."