Harvard law professor calls for Trump impeachment

The calls for an impeachment investigation into President Trump have continued to mount in the wake of his controversial dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.

In an op-ed released by the Washington Post on Saturday, Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence H. Tribe states that "The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice."

While he admits that the move is rare, he says "...the country is faced with a president whose conduct strongly suggests that he poses a danger to our system of government."

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Reaction to Trump's firing of James Comey
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Reaction to Trump's firing of James Comey
But does anyone seriously believe @realDonaldTrump fired the top person investigating his ties to Russia because he was unfair to Hillary?
Trump firing Comey shows how frightened the Admin is over Russia investigation
Gov. John Kasich statement on James Comey https://t.co/Wrwj6sGqnz
Removal of Director Comey only confirms need for select cmte to investigate #Russia's interference in 2016 election https://t.co/LfKlwSw6iQ
EVERYONE who cares about independence & rule of law in America should be "troubled by the timing and reasoning" of… https://t.co/NZY4qh3uiz
This is Nixonian. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein must immediately appoint a special prosecutor to continue the Trump/Russia investigation.
Firing of Comey tainted by extraordinary conflict of interest. Independent prosecutor must be appointed to restore… https://t.co/lXBIJtTf18
First Pres Trump fired Sally Yates, then Preet Bharara. Now #Comey. Doesn't seem like an accident. We must have a special prosecutor.
If we don't get a special prosecutor, every American will rightfully suspect that the decision to fire #Comey was part of a cover-up.
We are in a full-fledged constitutional crisis.
Comey's fired, which means Trump must be one of the few people in DC that the FBI doesn't have something on.
My statement on James Comey https://t.co/NWBR8FGTCf
Elijah Cummings is calling for "immediate emergency hearings". https://t.co/iMsNmdPmHi
LEAHY: "This is nothing less than Nixonian." https://t.co/n4R4fWSgib
Sen. John McCain on Comey firing: "I regret that that took place. The president does have that authority, so I resp… https://t.co/pSEu3XXsj5
Statement on FBI Director Comey ➡ https://t.co/vB822Nw5OR
This should not be sugar coated. Firing Comey is up there in terms of the scariest things Trump has done.
I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination.
My staff and I are reviewing legislation to establish an independent commission on Russia. The second paragraph of… https://t.co/qcm1PiFkNG
Ds were against Comey before they were for him.
U.S. Senator Susan Collins’ Statement on Director Comey #mepolitics https://t.co/LHCcbPJMsb https://t.co/xNUeGvENlv
Firing Comey has the foul stench of an attempt to stop an ongoing investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

According to Tribe, even before Trump admitted his firing of Comey may have been influenced by the Russia investigation, it appears that the president has been defying other standards like the foreign emoluments clause.

As such, the professor writes that "To wait for the results of the multiple investigations underway is to risk tying our nation's fate to the whims of an authoritarian leader."

In addition to Tribe, American University history professor Allan Lichtman, who correctly predicted Trump's election victory, recently told Newsweek that the president "arguably could be impeached now."

He added, "Arguably he's already obstructed justice and already violated the emoluments clause [regarding receiving gifts from foreign governments]. I'm not saying we should impeach him now, I'm calling for an impeachment investigation."

Lichtman also said, "The only parallel is Watergate, and this is much more serious. What Trump is involved in is more serious because it involves a foreign power and the national security of the country."

Meanwhile, Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet has told Vox that while "It's absolutely fair to put impeachment on the table right now," he says that Trump "had the authority to fire Comey for any reason whatsoever, including the fact that, as appears to be the case, Comey was pursuing the Russia investigation more vigorously than Trump wanted."

Tushnet speculates that the president, however, may be accused of obstruction of justice if he does not provide accurate information about his financial and other dealings with Russia.

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