Teens receive 'unsettling' phone calls after posting babysitting ads

Police in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, are currently investigating a series of disturbing phone calls received by teens who posted ads offering babysitting and tutoring services, according to WITI.

Whitefish Bay police say that numerous children ages 12 through 16 received the calls after posting ads in the youth classified section of a local magazine called "Bay Leaves."

In ads like these, teens need to share very personal information, such as their first names, cell phone numbers and ages, so potential clients can get in touch with them.

Unfortunately, one man has been reaching out to the teens for a different purpose.

The mother of a 12-year-old girl, who took out an ad offering to be a mother's helper, called police saying her daughter received several unsettling phone calls from an unknown man using a blocked number.

A 13-year-old, who placed a similar ad and received similar calls, told police she believed the caller "was talking in a sexual nature" and that he made her feel very uncomfortable.

Police say at least seven teens reported harassment over the phone, which led the newest issue of "Bay Leaves" to omit the classified ads section.

WISN reports that authorities determined the calls were made from a disposable phone purchased with cash in Arizona, but have not yet been able to identify a suspect.

Isabelle Skinner, a babysitter, told WITI that young people who want to babysit for children or pets should be able to do so without fearing for their safety.

"They should be able to make money and get to know families and stuff," said Skinner. "I probably wouldn't want to babysit again if I got a call like that. That would scare me."